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Gender Female
Born Sometime during the Tribulation
Died Unknown
Relatives Judd Thompson Jr. (adopted father), Vicki Byrne Thompson (adopted mother)
Religion Unknown
Spiritual State Unknown
First Appearance Triumphant Return

Anne is the first girl and first child adopted by Judd Thompson Jr. and Vicki Byrne Thompson after the Glorious Appearing and shortly before the Millennial Kingdom officially began.


Early Childhood

Anne was born during an unknown point in the Tribulation. She was described as being no older than seven years old.


Not much is known about Anne's childhood, other than the fact Anne's whole family was killed during the Tribulation. Since Anne said she said her parents were gone after the Glorious Appearing, it can be assumed that they are disbelievers since they were not resurrected like the deceased Tribulation saints, such as Mark Eisman and Ryan Daley. Nothing was said about whether she had the mark of Carpathia when Judd Thompson Jr. and Vicki Byrne Thompson saw her, so it can be presumed that there was no visible mark. Since she likely had disbelieving parents, it is possible that she received the mark of loyalty (without her full consent since she was very young) since her parents would not conceal her from the Global Community, but it may have supernaturally disappeared off her skin after the Glorious Appearing (much like Chang Wong's mark when the elders of Petra prayed over him). Nevertheless, the series neither depicts a young child that had received the mark of loyalty nor does it expound on Global Community policy about the mark on very young children.

After the Glorious Appearing, Anne was adopted by Judd and Vicki. It can be assumed that Anne became a believer when she got older. If she did not become a believer, she would have died when she turned 100, approximately a few months after Cendrillon Jospin died.

Personality and Skills

She is a redheaded girl. When Vicki and Judd found her, she was moving her finger through the sand.



  • Anne's only appearance was in book 40.
  • Anne is the first child to be adopted by Judd Thompson Jr. and Vicki Byrne Thompson.
  • Anne's spiritual state is unknown, but it is very likely that Anne became a believer due to the influence of Judd and Vicki.
  • Anne's entire family was killed during the Tribulation, making her the last surviving member of her biological family.