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Amanda White Steele

Gender Female
Nationality Caucasian American
Born About 44 years before Rapture
Died 21 months from the start of the Tribulation
Occupation Retail worker prior to marriage
Relatives First husband (raptured), Rayford Steele (second husband)
Religion Christianity
Spiritual State Saved during the Tribulation
First Appearance Tribulation Force

Amanda Susan White-Steele is a fictional character from the Left Behind series of novels. She was a friend of Rayford Steele's first wife Irene, who was raptured along with most of Amanda's family. Amanda and Irene met at New Hope Village Church, and quickly became friends. After the Rapture, Bruce Barnes introduced Rayford to Amanda. Soon, they became engaged (on the same day Buck Williams and Chloe Steele were engaged) and were married (also on the same day as Buck and Chloe).

The couple moved to New Babylon so that Rayford could continue his piloting duties for Nicolae Carpathia. When the Wrath Of The Lamb earthquake occurred, she was on a flight from Boston to Baghdad. The pilot tried to land, but the wreckage from the earthquake made that impossible. The pilot was forced back into the air.

However, the plane had almost no fuel and little speed, and therefore crashed into the Tigris River. Rayford was frantic for months after the quake because he did not believe she was dead. Eventually he SCUBA dived to the wreckage with Mac McCullum, where they finally found Amanda's body. Carpathia had planted information that Amanda was working against the Tribulation Force, and this was further evidenced by interaction by computer between him and Amanda. However, Hattie Durham eventually reveals that this was all a plant. Though no Seal Of God appeared on her forehead at that point, she was still a true believer.

Amanda later appears after the second coming of Jesus along with Rayford's first wife Irene. She is also seen at Mac's 1000th birthday party in the Millennial Kingdom period along with her first husband who was raptured.

Amanda White is portrayed by Laura Catalano in the movie Left Behind: World at War.

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