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Alias Marcus Elbaz
Gender Male
Nationality Middle Eastern
Born ? years before Rapture
Died 1 year before Glorious Appearing
Occupation Former black market dealer
Relatives None known
Religion Islam (originally)
Christianity (converted)
Spiritual State Saved during Tribulation
First Appearance Soul Harvest

Albie (no real name given, named for the Iranian town Al Basrah) was a Middle East black market arms dealer who became a believer and a member of the Tribulation Force.

His first appearance was in Soul Harvest where Mac McCullum recommended him to Rayford Steele as a black market dealer for procuring SCUBA gear in order search for the remains of Amanda White. Albie's front for his black market operation was operating the tower at the airstrip in Al Basrah. He was able to keep his cover because it was almost unknown throughout the region that he was the best black marketeer in the business. Mac McCullum says that he takes twice over the retail price, assumes all the risks in procurement, and asks no questions. He was one of the top three black marketeers in the Middle East, along with Mainyu Mazda and someone who was deceased by the time of the fifth Bowl Judgment. Rayford later contacted him for a weapon to assassinate Nicolae Carpathia. Albie sold Rayford a powerful, small, concealed firearm called the saber.

He originally claimed to be a Muslim, but business tended to be his main religion. In Soul Harvest, he identified as a Global Community loyalist, but said that, on his mother's grave, he would never mock Allah with the blasphemy of the Enigma Babylon One World Faith. By Assassins, he was identified as a devout Muslim who hated the Carpathia regime passionately, and was one of the few Gentile, non-Christians who refused the Engima Babylon One World Faith steadfastly. In The Mark, he said that his entire family is dead, and the only people that cared for him, gave him money to procure illegal goods. Albie had some self-esteem as a black marketeer because his criminal activity was used to oppose the new evil ruler. He would not have called him "antichrist", although in Islam, "dajjal" has a similar meaning. He became interest in Christianity because he was intrigued that the predictions of Rayford and Mac came true and began monitoring Tsion Ben-Judah's website. He was stunned when he heard Ben-Judah's theological message that God loved sinners, which went against everything he was taught as a Muslim and his self-perception that no one would love him for who he is. He said his first prayer to the Christian God was so childish that he would not say what he said in front of another living soul. His testimony of his conversion to Christianity influenced Hattie Durham, who like Albie identified herself as being unlovable, so that she was finally able to convert too.

When he was a member of the Tribulation Force, he was an undercover Global Community peacekeeper named Marcus Elbaz. Under this persona, in The Mark, he helped Rayford rescue Hattie Durham from a detention center in Colorado. Also while undercover with Cameron Williams who was under the persona of GC peacekeeper Jack Jensen, he visited a holding facility in Greece that held members of an underground church uncovered by the Global Community. The prisoners there would be among the first in the world to receive the mark of loyalty or be executed with the loyalty enforcement facilitator, the GC's term for guillotine. He was able to rescue Georgiana Stavros, a young, believing girl from the blade that night, but she was later caught by the Global Community and killed. In Armageddon, he was attempting to deal with Mainyu Mazda in order to bug Carpathia's new headquarters in Al Hillah. Mainyu Mazda then killed him in order to turn over his body to the GC so he could collect the bounty money for people without the mark of loyalty. He later returned with the resurrected martyrs at the second coming of Jesus. After he died, GCCNN reporter, Sue West, identified Albie as a "low-level Middle Eastern black marketeer".

Even though he had the mark of the believer on his forehead, Rayford had some doubts whether he was really a believer. In the introduction of the main characters in The Mark, Albie was listed in a separate category as a "professed believer" while the other Christians were listed as "believers".

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