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Alias Abram (original name)
Gender Male
Nationality Hebrew from Ur of the Chaldees
Born Sometime after the tower of Babel
Died 175 years old, exact date unknown
Occupation Herdsman
Relatives Adam (distant ancestor), Sarah (first wife), Keturah (second wife), Hagar (concubine), unnamed other concubines, Lot (nephew), Ishmael (son), Isaac (son), Jacob (grandson), King David (descendant), Jesus (physical descendant)
Religion Believer in God
Spiritual State Saved
First Appearance Glorious Appearing

Abraham is the legendary father of faith for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. God called him to be a father of nations (his name Abraham meaning "father of many") and to inherit the land of Canaan, which would later be called Israel, through a perpetual covenant that would be made also with his son Isaac (through his wife Sarah) and his grandson Jacob. Abraham was one of the Old Testament saints that was rewarded by Jesus Christ after His Second Coming in the book Glorious Appearing.


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